Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, hello there and Happy Valentine's Day!

If there’s one day that calls for enthusiastic sex, it’s today. Did you know that if you and your sweetheart engage in vigorous intercourse tonight (or today), you might burn up to 170 calories - or more? And, did know that if you spark the flame with a bit of sweet, dark chocolate, your chances of “synching the deal” increase?

A 130-lb person can burn about seven calories per five minutes of vigorous sex. That’s 84 calories an hour - keep it up for 2 hours, and you’ll burn close to 170 calories. Now, I know what you’re saying…2 hours??? Yes, 2 hours. You do need muscular endurance (to hold positions), cardio conditioning (to keep pumpin’) and flexibility (to get into those creative positions). You can achieve this sensual “training” effect if you and your partner work together and commit to making the best of your “personal time” together.

The reason I’m adamant about a regular, comprehensive exercise regimen that includes cardio (preferably Mambo Mania style - because of the gyrations your hips must exert!), muscle conditioning (strength training) and stretching, is because I know how intricately important those element are in helping you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And what is lifestyle without the promise of good, clean, hot and heavy sex!

And yes, buy the chocolate Valentine's candies for your honey. Studies have shown that dark chocolate helps with increased dilation of your blood vessels, (allowing for greater blood flow) which could help with genital stimulation.

No chocolate could be a deal breaker. Be safe!