Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mambo Mania on!

Mambo Mania was recently reviewed on by Janene Mascarella. (We love her and you should follow her on Twitter!) She writes about something many women struggle with, pregnancy weight.
This mother of two gained 187 lbs over the course of her two pregnancies and she was able to loose all of it, but 20lbs. So in the spirit of being a mother, she decided she needed to shake what her momma gave her with Mambo Mania (and a few other worldly workouts) in order to lose the weight.

Now, 20 lbs lighter Janene is looking sexier than ever and is probably a better dancer too!

Check out the article yourSelf and if you have a success story, share it with me! And if you're not having success, email me with your challenges, I am sure I can help you figure out the ideal routine for you.