Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 30 is the Beginning of a New Journey

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-->Day 30
The seed for growth has been planted.  Remember, you made a pledge to reward yourself at the end of the challenge.  You declared a goal, directed your attention and activity towards achieving it and even though you may not have accomplished it exactly, you have started the process to becoming your Personal Best.  The road to success is not a straight shot, it’s a winding road. 
Think of everything you’ve learned along the way:
1.     Developing a Positive Attitude
a.     Visualization exercises to direct your thinking towards you goal
2.     Learning how to set goals
a.     Making a declaration
b.    Choosing one goal at a time
c.     Having an accountability partner
3.     I AM – imagination, action and memorization.  Imagine your desired goal has been achieved, take “action” steps towards that end and memorize the physiological sensations of success within your body.
4.     Discipline- Be the early bird that catches the worm; show up; and reward yourself along the way.  Remember, exerting continuous will power depletes your resolve; much like continuous physical exercise depletes your strength.  Give yourself a break along the way to becoming your Personal Best.  
5.     Realizing your Dream- you are in perfect harmony with creation, the universe and your life.  You are successful now.  Yes, there is always room for growth; however, you are as perfect as stardust; part of the great cosmos and beyond.  Realize this perfect moment, right now, has been orchestrated to help you grow.
6.     Meditation- “Be still” Contemplate, “Who am I?  Why am I here? What is my purpose?  Even if you take only 5 minutes a day to sit in quiet contemplation, your body, mind and soul will converge and become as one.  You will gain an intuitive understanding of your true nature.  All will be revealed in this altered state of mind.
In just 30 days, look at how much you have accomplished.  You have come so far.  Day 30 is the beginning of a new journey.  Now you can move into your next goal with more resolve and a deeper understanding of who you truly are.  You may have to struggle to burst out of your cocoon however, once you change into that butterfly, you will easily spread your wings and fly.
Congratulations on your win.

The information we shared with you via our daily blogs and videos was made possible by the staff at Personal Best.  Everybody, at some level, contributed and for that, we are grateful. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The 30 Day Personal Best Challenge is coming to a close!

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The 30 Day Personal Best Challenge is coming to a close!
Closing Ceremony Tonight at 7:00 pm after Mambo Mania.
There is tremendous power behind the power of the collective consciousness.  Together, we are stronger. 
The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness.
—Emile Durkheim (A 19th century French sociologist)

Collectively, our group journey solidifies the belief that focused energy on one goal, for 30 days, is possible.  We may not have sailed effortlessly through the challenge; many times the luring calls of the Siren may have landed us against the crashing waves and jagged rocks of failure.  Regardless, we know the course, we have the map, and we can always begin the journey again.  Each time we do, the call of the Siren becomes weaker and we become stronger. 
You get it when you get it.  “Bridging the gap between you and your Personal Best” does not happen overnight.  It takes time to develop and define your “true” self.  The transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly is no easy feat. 
A caterpillar must first digest itself by releasing enzymes to dissolve its tissues and create a liquefied soup inside its cocoon.  Within this soup, there are “imaginal discs,” or coded cells.  These cells hibernate within the larva from its incubation stages in the egg.  Once the caterpillar develops enough to build his silky cocoon, the process of metamorphosis begins.  However, the intelligence of those “imaginal discs” directs the transformation of that soup to morph into eyes, wings, antennae, and other biological parts of a butterfly.  Then, once the butterfly is fully formed, it takes its wings and flies.
We too carry this “coded” intelligence inside.  Thankfully, we don’t have to dissolve ourselves into a soup of nothingness before emerging into our full potential.  However, our intuition, ancestral memory, DNA, consciousness, collective consciousness, and super consciousness contain the blueprint for a magnificent self; one destined for greatness, happiness, abundance and love.  We may not realize this full potential in 30 days but, if we continue to come together via these challenges, our classes, and personal training sessions we will surely transform ourselves into our Personal Best.  Then we can take our wings and fly. 
I want to encourage all of you to attend our closing ceremony.  Even if you crashed against the jagged rocks and didn’t reach your goal, or, even if you didn’t participate in the challenge at all; you are invited to come.  Those of you who participated know that the seeds of change have been planted.  Now all you have to do is till the soil and fertilize it.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey for all of us, let’s celebrate together, collectively.
Tonight, share within the sacred circle.  Commit to beginning a new life and know that you are not on this journey alone.  We are here together for a big purpose.  We are here to help ourselves, each other, our families, our communities and our world.  


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Day 28- Are you going to let your mistakes dictate your future?
I had no idea yesterday was a National Holiday.  (It sure seemed like one.)  We went to go get chips and salsa at the Green Onion and found it was closed for Super Bowl Sunday.  What?

I am not a football fan however; I enjoyed watching this particular game; especially because Bruno Mars was the halftime show.  What a class act.

Well, the game was won by Seattle on the first play.  The Broncos lost because of miscommunication.  How many times have we lost the game because of miscommunication?  How many times have we neglected to verify the clarity of our words or actions and moved ahead to the next move only to drop the ball?

It’s so important to align body, mind and soul to allow for open communication between all three.  Together, these energy sources make up our team.  Their intrinsic relationship can make or break our health.  If information passes freely between them and is received to properly activate or deactivate specific functions, the system works succinctly towards health, longevity and wellness.  Conversely, if the information is blocked because of toxic interference or improper feedback loops (The section of a control system which allows for feedback and self-correction and adjusts its operation according to differences between the actual output and the desired output) we can lose the whole game. 

When our body’s signals tell our minds that we are hurting, losing, and in need of recovery, it is best to listen.  Otherwise, neglecting the communication can break our spirit.  And once our spirit is broken, it is difficult to get back in the game.  We must be ever vigilant to withstand the negative forces of miscommunication that can pummel us against the jagged rocks of fate.   

I enjoyed watching Seattle win, another shining example of a vision turning into reality. 


Sunday, February 2, 2014


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Day 27- Three Day Countdown to Closing Ceremony

How can you do this?  The answer is, one day at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time.  Lahiri Mahasaya, a great Indian Yogi, claimed that there was a short cut to reincarnation.  Any person wishing to reach self realization could do so within one lifetime.  The Yogi explained that each inhalation (prana) is like breathing in a new life, and each exhalation (aprana) a cessation of life; a death.  Human beings can live and die thousands of times in one lifetime.  And if you want to change your life, you can, from one moment to the next.    

We can reinvent ourselves at any given point along life’s path.  We can choose to bring forth into each life; (or breathe) all the painful memories from the past or, release (exhale) all of the pain, anger, stress, or dis-ease.  Conversely, we can choose to bring forth light, happiness, peace and joy instead.  The choice is ours.
There’s a great Nova video circulating on You Tube on the “Human Genome Project.”  This project set out to determine how the body was put together.  The hope was to discover the cause and cure for every disease known to man.  Interestingly, what they discovered was the “Ghost in our Genes.”  

When scientists broke down the sequencing of human DNA, (they suspected it would contain about 100,000 genes), they discovered it contained fewer genes than suspected.  As the mapping of our genes continued, they found humans had the same number of genes as fish and mice.  More interesting was that human’s had fewer genes than plants!
Which brought forth the question: If the human species has fewer genes than others, what is it that differentiates us from other species?   

Scientists within the project discovered that proteins can actually tighten or loosen around certain genes, “tagging” them or “dimming” them; turning them “on” or “off” to the internal scanning mechanisms of the cell.  Additionally, they discovered that these “tags” or “dimmers” could be passed down generationally. They discovered that cells aren’t distinguished by their genes, but by “Ghost in Our Genes”; the thing that shuts them on or off.  This is what they named “epigenetic” (which literally translates to mean “above” the gene.)       
As cells divide, the memory of what a cell is (whether it’s a liver cell or a heart cell) is carried by these switches that turn the genes on or off.  However, occasionally, some epigenetic switches can be changed.   For example, genes destined to become diseased can be affected in the womb or after birth through environmental influences and in turn, change how the switches behave.   

The point is that, even though we may be coded for predisposition to certain diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or addiction, the coding of our genes can be rearrange by our internal and external environment.  We can eliminate the toxins from our bodies, emotions and the planet to literally, break the chains that bind us.

We have a responsibility to our legacy to choose wisely regarding our lifestyle.  Our choices today will affect our children and our grandchildren.  We are the guardians of our genome.  It’s selfish to think that we can be reckless with our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet today, and not have it affect future generations.  If we can develop healthy lifestyle choices, we can transform the “code of life”, and transform the future of our world.  And we can do it right now.  Just breathe in, and breathe out.  



Saturday, February 1, 2014


Bookmark and ShareDay 26- 4 days left

We want to congratulate you for making the commitment to participate in our 30 Day Personal Best Challenge.  Tuesday, February the 4th, we will host our closing ceremony at the studio.  Please join our sacred circle, acknowledge and celebrate your wins, your setbacks, and share your hopes and dreams for the future.   And, get your name thrown in the hat for the drawing of our grand prize, a Catalina trip on the private sailing yacht, The Siren.

We have a special guest lined up for the event, my spiritual mentor, Ms. Holly Hill.  When asked to summarize who she is and what she does, she says: 
                My true passion centers around supporting, enhancing and sharing Well-Being. A person's mind-set, skill-set, occupation, relationships and successes all seem to revolve around, impact and reflect our personal sense of Well-Being. To authentically play in the field of Well-Being as a contributor, I am committed to pay attention and embrace the graciousness of Life that is every moment flowing in, through and as me, that I may align within this field of Life's own essence of Well-Being to become as a watered garden, an oasis, a place authentic and generous joy, for myself and for others, that we may find ourselves mutually refreshed. May I be a beneficial presence.  May we know and share our prosperity and joy. May we be well together.”
She is the perfect person to usher you into your new journey, a new beginning with a new set of glasses; a new perspective on health and wellness.  I’ve had the privilege of working with her for almost 2 years and she has helped me breakthrough to a tremendous power.   Power to stand my ground, to know who I am, to understand that every day is a learning experience and that evolution and change are part of growth and expansion. 

Sometimes you are simply unaware that you are carrying old patterns of behavior into new situations.  Those patterns may not be serving you any longer.  It’s like those t-shirts you can’t seem to throw out even though they’re old, thread-bare and holey; they feel comfortable and besides, they hold lots of memories.  Sometimes we just have to let those old things go.  We have to clean house, stuff them in a bag and give them to the good will.  We can still hold onto the memories, however, we don’t have to hold onto the baggage any longer.

That’s why I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s ceremony. Holly will teach you how to enter the next level of growth with a new perspective; armed with the tools to carefully plant the seeds you have sown throughout this journey.   

Again, congratulations for having made a commitment to yourself and working on your health and wellness.  Keep your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony these next few days and… keep “bridging the gap between you and your Personal Best.