Monday, February 3, 2014

The 30 Day Personal Best Challenge is coming to a close!

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The 30 Day Personal Best Challenge is coming to a close!
Closing Ceremony Tonight at 7:00 pm after Mambo Mania.
There is tremendous power behind the power of the collective consciousness.  Together, we are stronger. 
The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness.
—Emile Durkheim (A 19th century French sociologist)

Collectively, our group journey solidifies the belief that focused energy on one goal, for 30 days, is possible.  We may not have sailed effortlessly through the challenge; many times the luring calls of the Siren may have landed us against the crashing waves and jagged rocks of failure.  Regardless, we know the course, we have the map, and we can always begin the journey again.  Each time we do, the call of the Siren becomes weaker and we become stronger. 
You get it when you get it.  “Bridging the gap between you and your Personal Best” does not happen overnight.  It takes time to develop and define your “true” self.  The transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly is no easy feat. 
A caterpillar must first digest itself by releasing enzymes to dissolve its tissues and create a liquefied soup inside its cocoon.  Within this soup, there are “imaginal discs,” or coded cells.  These cells hibernate within the larva from its incubation stages in the egg.  Once the caterpillar develops enough to build his silky cocoon, the process of metamorphosis begins.  However, the intelligence of those “imaginal discs” directs the transformation of that soup to morph into eyes, wings, antennae, and other biological parts of a butterfly.  Then, once the butterfly is fully formed, it takes its wings and flies.
We too carry this “coded” intelligence inside.  Thankfully, we don’t have to dissolve ourselves into a soup of nothingness before emerging into our full potential.  However, our intuition, ancestral memory, DNA, consciousness, collective consciousness, and super consciousness contain the blueprint for a magnificent self; one destined for greatness, happiness, abundance and love.  We may not realize this full potential in 30 days but, if we continue to come together via these challenges, our classes, and personal training sessions we will surely transform ourselves into our Personal Best.  Then we can take our wings and fly. 
I want to encourage all of you to attend our closing ceremony.  Even if you crashed against the jagged rocks and didn’t reach your goal, or, even if you didn’t participate in the challenge at all; you are invited to come.  Those of you who participated know that the seeds of change have been planted.  Now all you have to do is till the soil and fertilize it.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey for all of us, let’s celebrate together, collectively.
Tonight, share within the sacred circle.  Commit to beginning a new life and know that you are not on this journey alone.  We are here together for a big purpose.  We are here to help ourselves, each other, our families, our communities and our world.  

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