Saturday, February 1, 2014


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We want to congratulate you for making the commitment to participate in our 30 Day Personal Best Challenge.  Tuesday, February the 4th, we will host our closing ceremony at the studio.  Please join our sacred circle, acknowledge and celebrate your wins, your setbacks, and share your hopes and dreams for the future.   And, get your name thrown in the hat for the drawing of our grand prize, a Catalina trip on the private sailing yacht, The Siren.

We have a special guest lined up for the event, my spiritual mentor, Ms. Holly Hill.  When asked to summarize who she is and what she does, she says: 
                My true passion centers around supporting, enhancing and sharing Well-Being. A person's mind-set, skill-set, occupation, relationships and successes all seem to revolve around, impact and reflect our personal sense of Well-Being. To authentically play in the field of Well-Being as a contributor, I am committed to pay attention and embrace the graciousness of Life that is every moment flowing in, through and as me, that I may align within this field of Life's own essence of Well-Being to become as a watered garden, an oasis, a place authentic and generous joy, for myself and for others, that we may find ourselves mutually refreshed. May I be a beneficial presence.  May we know and share our prosperity and joy. May we be well together.”
She is the perfect person to usher you into your new journey, a new beginning with a new set of glasses; a new perspective on health and wellness.  I’ve had the privilege of working with her for almost 2 years and she has helped me breakthrough to a tremendous power.   Power to stand my ground, to know who I am, to understand that every day is a learning experience and that evolution and change are part of growth and expansion. 

Sometimes you are simply unaware that you are carrying old patterns of behavior into new situations.  Those patterns may not be serving you any longer.  It’s like those t-shirts you can’t seem to throw out even though they’re old, thread-bare and holey; they feel comfortable and besides, they hold lots of memories.  Sometimes we just have to let those old things go.  We have to clean house, stuff them in a bag and give them to the good will.  We can still hold onto the memories, however, we don’t have to hold onto the baggage any longer.

That’s why I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s ceremony. Holly will teach you how to enter the next level of growth with a new perspective; armed with the tools to carefully plant the seeds you have sown throughout this journey.   

Again, congratulations for having made a commitment to yourself and working on your health and wellness.  Keep your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony these next few days and… keep “bridging the gap between you and your Personal Best.


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