Monday, February 3, 2014


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Day 28- Are you going to let your mistakes dictate your future?
I had no idea yesterday was a National Holiday.  (It sure seemed like one.)  We went to go get chips and salsa at the Green Onion and found it was closed for Super Bowl Sunday.  What?

I am not a football fan however; I enjoyed watching this particular game; especially because Bruno Mars was the halftime show.  What a class act.

Well, the game was won by Seattle on the first play.  The Broncos lost because of miscommunication.  How many times have we lost the game because of miscommunication?  How many times have we neglected to verify the clarity of our words or actions and moved ahead to the next move only to drop the ball?

It’s so important to align body, mind and soul to allow for open communication between all three.  Together, these energy sources make up our team.  Their intrinsic relationship can make or break our health.  If information passes freely between them and is received to properly activate or deactivate specific functions, the system works succinctly towards health, longevity and wellness.  Conversely, if the information is blocked because of toxic interference or improper feedback loops (The section of a control system which allows for feedback and self-correction and adjusts its operation according to differences between the actual output and the desired output) we can lose the whole game. 

When our body’s signals tell our minds that we are hurting, losing, and in need of recovery, it is best to listen.  Otherwise, neglecting the communication can break our spirit.  And once our spirit is broken, it is difficult to get back in the game.  We must be ever vigilant to withstand the negative forces of miscommunication that can pummel us against the jagged rocks of fate.   

I enjoyed watching Seattle win, another shining example of a vision turning into reality. 


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